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Designer's Discount! Saving money time, and heartache when renovating your home.

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Hiring professionals to help you renovate or build your dream home is not just for the mega-rich. In fact, if you are looking to SAVE MONEY, you cannot afford NOT to hire professionals. Engaging architects, interior designers and project managers is the key to your savings. They possess the experience and know-how to provide the optimal solutions within you project budget. Moreover they are eligible to receive Designer's Discounts, which can be passed on to you, the client.

In the UK and Australia, Designer Discounts are one of the reasons most people hire designers as one can save up to 40% on the standard prices for furnishings and other elements of the renovation.

In the projects I have managed with #homestyling expert, Wendy Lehmann, we have surprised many locals by our insistence that all discounts be passed on to our customers. Apparently, we have brought our foreign customs to Israel by ensuring that our clients get the best price.

Imagine the pleasure of working with an experienced professional in designing your closets, kitchen, home furnishing and getting a discount on top of that. Imagine that they help you discover the one glitch that could save you from the wrong fit, fixture and even major design faults.

Get your project done right the first time and save money when you hire experienced designers and project managers. We are here for you and so is your Designer's Discount. #DesignersDiscount #ProjectManagement #SaveMoney #HomeStyling @Livingthatworks.

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